Team Werbecompany Meran

   The best ideas
always emerge
through dialogue.

Creativity needs a good team. And strong partners.

Every agency is only as strong as its clients and employees. Our owner-operated agency is therefore characterised by a familiar atmosphere, for the benefit of both our work and your website. This harmonious and enjoyable working environment is highly appreciated by both our partners and employees. Not least because some of them have been a part of Werbecompany Meran for many years. Creativity, reliability, expertise and long-term experience are a significant part of our employee profile. Our team consists in 10 employees in the fields of management, project management, creation and production, each of whom are well attuned to one another. In addition, we have a pool of freelancers in various fields, as well as business partners (e.g. print offices) with whom we have worked for many years now. The combination of a small team and a large potential for cooperation means we are able to react to client needs in a personalised and flexible manner. Each team member’s qualifications and expertise in specific areas are very well defined, ensuring our ability to create the perfect team for you. From strategy to creation to realisation, we stand by you, offering qualified help and advice.