New on the European market:
Sacha Inchi oil from Peru.


Elegant brand design for the liquid gold of the Incas

Launching a special product on the market is always a huge challenge for all involved. The design concept and development of the entire brand image of Sacha Inchi oil, produced by the company Alta Selva, gave our agency yet another opportunity to prove our knowledge and expertise in building a company’s market presence and corporate image.

Made from Peruvian Sacha Inchi nuts, the oil is unique for its extraordinary composition. Rich in unsaturated, essential fatty acids, it is an important part of a healthy diet. The raw ingredients, gentle processing methods and elevated eco-friendly and socially sound production standards, make Sacha Inchi oil a coveted lifestyle product. Also, its precious properties and higher price bracket position the oil in the premium product segment.

Our job was to communicate the noble quality of Sacha Inchi oil, which was achieved through the creation of a minimalist-style logo. This is reflected in the brand’s new packaging and all of the print material, such as trade folders, letterheads and product inserts. The project also involved the creation of a new website (for further information click here), which, due to the responsive design, is optimised for mobile devices. The website provides detailed information about the oil and its benefits, and also features an online store where the product can be purchased directly.

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