Joining forces to get closer to customers: Athesia Druck & Ferrari-Auer Druck.

Two companies, one goal – and just one market presence.

Two long-established South Tyrolean companies, Athesia Druck, an international print company, and Ferrari-Auer Druck a small, historic printing works in the heart of Bolzano, have joined forces to form a single market entity.

This means that whatever the project, be it large-scale and complex or small-scale but elegant print runs, clients can rely on getting the right partner, with the right capabilities for the job, as well as the full support of the Athesia group’s network.

The joining of the two companies under the same umbrella, called for the re-styling of all the company’s advertising materials - a challenge that our creative lab has already been working on for several months. At the end of last year, a company desk calendar, with the slogan ‘Expressiveness - Effectiveness’, was sent out to announce the company’s new image. This consisted of a preview of the themes that would be part of the new launch campaign. Another example of a high impact advertising campaign devised and created by Werbecompany Meran.

Within the first two weeks of March 2015, through the development of 12 different themes across both print and online mediums, Athesia Druck and Ferrari-Auer Druck’s multimedia campaign revealed itself to be highly emotional and effective. By clicking on a banner on the, and websites, visitors were directed to the landing page, where an entertaining tool helped visitors to guess which company it could be. On the 13th of March, an informative 24-page brochure, which provided all the answers to the readers‘ questions about the launch campaign, was distributed in the ‘Dolomiten‘ daily paper. On the same date, the new website also went online. A completely new, cutting-edge website with a responsive, functional and intuitive design. Another Internet project that we are truly proud of.

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