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Clear and elegant: the new Athesia Media price list

A redesigned price list. This doesn’t sound like anything special at first, but in the case of Athesia Media, the project presented a considerable challenge. We had to reassemble over 20 different forms of print media, four online portals and various other marketing initiatives, such as event sponsorship and group it all into one document.

This completely new concept, integrated with a wealth of original, creative ideas, now presents all the necessary information, according to a "Find instead of search" philosophy. Unlike the previous 80-page document, the new price list is now spread out over 130 pages and has a clearer and more attractive lay-out and design.

Naturally, during the planning stage we constantly kept Athesia’s image in mind, enhancing it with a number of creative details. A soft touch film over an elegant, matt, black background, adds a refined aesthetic and tactile effect to the cover. Furthermore, it is highly resistant and has a special, anti-fingerprint coating. The Athesia brand name and the more minute design elements were embellished with a glossy varnish, creating an effective and striking contrast.

The most prominent section of the price list is page 100, which contains an additional fold-out. When opened, an overview appears of the various viewing formats for all the printed products by the Athesia Media group.

To see further images of the news price list click the link below.

Images Athesia Media price list