Fit for a new start

We bring the brand image of Body’s Best Form to peak condition.

To be healthy and strong, fit and attractive is the aim of top and amateur athletes alike. Body’s Best Form turns this dream into a reality with just 20 minutes per week. The EMS-Training (electrical muscle stimulation) uses electrical impulses to stimulate the muscles and enhance the effect of training. The EMS-Studio of Body’s Best Form offers this method currently in two locations in South Tyrol, and is radically different from other gyms.

However, in Body’s Best Form previous communication this distinctive feature did not come across. Only 20 minutes training per week, always accompanied by a personal coach – we were immediately aware that these unique selling points had to be made crystal clear. The three key facts had been established and are now the leitmotiv of all communication activities. It is immediately obvious in a simply, striking and unambiguous way that Body’s Best Form has something very special to offer.

Body' Best Form Sinich

In addition to the key facts, the company logo is also part of its new image, it has been completely revamped to create a bolder, more polarising effect. All the information on the totally new website is displayed quickly and clearly, and meets all the needs of a modern website thanks to its responsive design and SEO. An information leaflet and the new exterior and interior design of the studios in Merano and Prato allo Stelvio round off its new market image.

New website Body's Best Form

Body’s Best Forms new business cards are another highlight. They are composed of two sheets of 300 g paper stuck together, making them exceptionally thick. The embossed logo and the foil edging in the typical green of Body’s Best Form give the cards immediate appeal and the feeling that this gym offers something truly special.

Business cards Body's Best Form


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