Five stunning beers cause a sensation!


Blond or red, mysterious or exotic: we wrap exclusive specialities in luxury for the Kiem Bierimport.

Homemade beer is all the rage at present – and has driven Kiem Bierimport in Lana to launch new, exclusive beer specialities in 75 cl bottles. This range is produced by the Distelhäuser brewery with natural ingredients, and according to very sophisticated recipes. Kiem Bierimport is the sole distributor for this range of beer in Italy, that is sold under the "Distel" brand.

Even when creating a name for the product, together with our client we wanted something truly special: with the charming Italian product names, which have also a double meaning, "La Bionda", "La Rossa", "La Torbida, "La Weizen" and "India Pale Ale" really stand out from the competition. Our design team likewise exhausted all possibilities in the development of the new labels, to give the exclusive range a very individual look.

Artistic decorations in different colours adorn the deep black speciality paper which has an almost velvety feel and is made even finer with foil in metallic colour. The white lettering is printed using the silk screen method. One of the most renowned German label printers was entrusted with this task in order to guarantee the utmost quality.

We are honoured to have the chance to show our creativity in this project, and are convinced that the new packaging does justice to the exclusivity of the products.

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