Introducing the oat drink from South Tyrol!


Vegan, regional and sustainable

Plant-based milk alternatives are all the trend and becoming more and more popular also with non-vegans. With Hafena, the locally produced oat drink from South Tyrol, there is now a new, great-tasting variant about to be launched. Under the motto “Your everyday hero with zero sacrifices”, Hafena packs numerous benefits for nature and personal health into every bottle. No lactose, no added sugar, but rich in fibre and taste - that's something to be proud of! And when it comes to preparation methods, Hafena is in no way inferior to its colleagues: creamy and frothy in hot drinks, great with breakfast cereals or for cooking, the vegan oat drink is equally versatile both in the catering trade and in the kitchen at home.

Hafena: Organic oat drink from South Tyrol

From South Tyrol – for South Tyrol

Having grown up with the Algund Alpine dairy, Eva Haller wanted more, namely sustainably designed products. All the experience from the traditional farm cooperative has been poured into the development of Hafena. The oats for the vegan drink are sourced from selected organic farms in South Tyrol, all of which are listed on the website, and in order to minimise the ecological footprint of the product, Hafena is available exclusively in environmentally friendly returnable glass bottles in well-stocked shops in South Tyrol. We are curious to see how the drink tastes to the locals in South Tyrol.

Hafena: Your everyday hero with zero sacrifices References Hafena

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