Thank you multiplied by twenty-one

The Dobitsch family from Hotel Castel would like to thank its guests for a truly special 2021 season

Christmas is nearly upon us, so what better occasion to look back on the past year and express our gratitude? For Hotel Castel, 2021 was a turbulent year. After the major renovation at the turn of 2020-2021, the hotel started the new season on 1st June with a new look and full of anticipation. Apart from the rooms and the two pools, hardly any part of the exclusive 5-star hotel remained untouched. The soul of the hotel, however, remains as it was, only with even more quality, even more privacy and even more space. The guests' reaction was sensational: the host family received great encouragement and praise for their achievements. They now look back with joy on one of the most successful of their now 21 years as hosts.

Personalised mailshot for Hotel Castel

Exclusive Christmas gift to crown an exceptional season

The guests of the 2021 season will soon receive a great surprise under their Christmas tree: a personalised mailshot with an individual gift. The highlight of this campaign is a 24-carat gold-plated Castel lucky coin specially designed by us. Attentive viewers will spot 21 stars on it, representing 21 years of the Dobitsch family as hosts. Take a look at it. We welcome any feedback.

Christmas mailing with a surprise

A turbulent 2021 is coming to an end for us, too

At the turn of the year, we look back with gratitude: for the trust of our customers and the fruitful cooperation; grateful for exciting challenges and creative solutions. We look forward to continuing in 2022 and wish all our guests, partners and friends a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Yours, Werbecompany Meran

You may have already noticed that Hotel Castel has entered its 21st season with a new brand logo and a new look. We look forward to showing you more of it in the new year.