A special mailshot with a gift

The most beautiful features of the Hotel Castel …

… are revealed when you leaf through the new image brochure. The Meranesse fine Spa, the star restaurant Castel fine dining, the lounge terrace and last but not least the magnificent view are presented to the reader with appealing photographs that consistently echo the brand image. The brochure is delivered as part of a mailing to the recipients together with a personalised cover containing a symbolic room card. It contains an exclusive gift and can be exchanged for the real room card at the Hotel Castel upon arrival.

New Image brochure for Hotel Castel

Short and compact …

… the newly designed fold-out brochure captures the main contents of the image brochure and provides an overview of all areas of the Hotel Castel - in a handy format to take with you wherever you go to refer to for a quick look. On departure, guests will receive this leaflet in an elegant, personalised envelope, together with a voucher. These vouchers are meant to be given to friends and relatives and contain a personal recommendation from the giver and guest of Hotel Castel. This is a discreet, personal strategy for acquiring new customers that reflects Castel's exclusive image.

Compact fold-out brochure for Hotel Castel References Hotel Castel

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