The expression of ultimate exclusivity.


Acquiring new customers by recommendation

The 5-star Hotel Castel is an exclusive place for guests with particular demands – a level that is reflected in its printed materials, which have been created by us. The inspiring photographs in the fold-out brochure capture the essence of a day at Hotel Castel and show all its amenities. It is handed to hotel guests upon departure in an elegant, personalised envelope, together with a voucher. The gift vouchers are intended for friends or relatives and provide space for guests of Hotel Castel to write a personalised recommendation – a discreet, personal strategy for acquiring new customers in line with the exclusive character of Hotel Castel.

Fold-out brochure for Hotel Castel

Attract new guests strategically.

As a further way of attracting new bookings, on the occasion of the re-opening of Hotel Castel, we devised a cross-media communication strategy aimed exclusively at regular guests of the hotel, involving two steps. The first step is digital and consists of a newsletter which, when opened, triggers the dispatch of a personalised mailing that includes a surprise. As with all the other printed materials, this is printed in offset on extremely elegant natural paper, in itself underling the high standards of the hotel.

Personalised mailing as a way of attracting new bookings References Hotel Castel

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