Refurbished hotel gets a new website


A facelift with a fresh design

The collaboration between the Hotel Turmwies in Dorf Tirol and Werbecompany Meran began with the desire for a new website – and the result is a totally new, fresh brand design. The reason for this revamped image is the structural change that this family-run hotel has just completed: After renovating and completing the hotel with new, modern rooms, the young generation has now also left its mark on the character of the building.

totally new, fresh brand design

The power of imagery

Since 2019, Michael, the youngest son of the Prantl family and an extremely talented cook, is chef de cuisine and responsible for the bodily well-being of the hotel guests. His outstanding culinary creations and the magnificent view from the hotel are reflected in the design and imagery. All the photos, particularly those on the new website, are based on a photographic concept devised by us for food/general tourism photography, and were taken in April 2019.

outstanding culinary creations

Website and information folder get a new look

With its clear layout and intuitive interface, the website is the core element of the new, unified image. A compact information folder, that also includes a price list, completes the pleasant and constructive collaboration for which we would like to thank the Prantl family!

pleasant and constructive collaboration References Hotel Turmwies