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A new communication strategy for the Merano hotel management academy Kaiserhof

The gastronomy and hotel industry is one of the most important economic sectors for the region of South Tyrol, which offers the best opportunities for young talents. For the advanced training course level at the Kaiserhof hotel management college, we have planned and implemented a new campaign, starting with the name of the training course: "Akademie für Hotelmanagement". This reflects the level that thoroughly prepares aspiring candidates for top and management positions in tourism for their future challenges.

New campaign for Kaiserhof hotel management college

Where is the target group? On social media.

Besides a newly designed logo, the short application video is one of the most important components of the social media campaign. The course features a balanced ratio of theoretical and practical content. The task was to communicate this to the target group and to make the academy and its range of courses better known. Instead of models, all the advertisement materials feature students who were photographed and filmed in the studio. This makes the results look young, authentic and always professional.

Brochure for Kaiserhof hotel management college References Kaiserhof

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