Kiem: Quality beers importers.


A completely new brand image with a special focus on the image brochure

Kiem approached us to create new advertising material for their company. The result was a completely redesigned brand image, brand logo, brochure, beer folder, product specification sheets, mailers, website and specialist advertising material. As an agency specialised in food marketing, this was a welcome challenge for Werbecompany Meran! As always, we started the project with a comprehensive analysis of the current marketplace, to lay the foundations for the new strategy.

The design and attention to detail placed the new brochure in a prime position among the communication materials. The cover itself references the company’s activities in a very unusual way. In fact, it is made with beer mats and hops. The text is laser cut, while the binding has been finished in machine-sewn, golden thread. On the back cover there is a flap for additional pamphlets and information sheets.

We wanted to make sure the company’s image was evident across all the communications, without overshadowing the beer’s brand. Kiem and its respective beer brands are portrayed as a competent partner that guarantees the utmost quality and expertise.

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