New: Online shop for Thomas Kofler apiary


Purchase with a single click

A well-made online shop is the perfect complement to classic sales channels such as retail stores, and ensures a large gain in profits. The website of the Thomas Kofler apiary in Latsch, Vinschgau has been totally redesigned by Werbecompany Meran.

User-friendly Website

Putting the products into perspective

The online shop and central element of the website contains a clearly itemised list of various types of honey and propolis-based products. To ensure that all images appeal to viewers at first glance we have provided new photographs of all products, plus further images for the website. The responsive web design programming makes the site very intuitive and user-friendly on all devices, so that customers can place orders directly and conveniently from their smartphone or PC at home.

New photographs of all products

Loop video and FAQ section

Additional honey specialities are offered by the loop video developed by us on the home page, as well as the FAQ section, with lots of interesting information about honey, bees and the apiary. 

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