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For the second time already, Baumgartner's Blumenhotel has entrusted us with the task of redesigning its website.

Satisfied customers are those who come back. Every business and every restaurant can confirm this rule - and we are also always pleased to receive such proof of trust and satisfaction. Recently we were able to prove our competence in the hotel business, in particular for those with high 4-star ratings. With Baumgartner's Blumenhotel, the particular challenge involved making certain elements especially easy to access: Quick requests, special promotions and online-booking ought to be quick and easy to reach, and also needed to be integrated in an aesthetically appealing way.

The quick request feature has now become a permanent one in the website structure, which means that users can check availability from any single page - a solution that promotes sales in a totally user-friendly way and meets our customer's full approval. We're happy too! As always, we closely examined the surfing behaviour of potential guests and took this into account in the web design. Daily menus, for example, which have always been one of the most popular pages, are now integrated in the homepage and many other pages of the site. Individual thematic recommendations lead the user from any page to sub-pages, which in turn positively influences the time they spend on each page: this is a feature that really gets the SEO heart of website operators beating.

There are plenty of new details in the beauty packages that are now divided according to different themes and present all the offers at a glance. Numerous beautiful, up-to-date images taken last summer underline the sophisticated design of the website and provide a colourful impression of wonderful holidays spent at Baumgartner’s Blumenhotel, also in the image gallery, which is subdivided according to different themes. On the website it is also possible to subscribe to the newsletter, also redesigned by us – naturally on all end devices.

The website of the Blumenhotel is just a click away.

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