Polyfaser: Refreshingly different.


New image for swimming pools and pool covers

This South Tyrolean-based manufacturer of exclusive pools felt it was time to develop a new image that could speak for the company’s elevated market position. With 45 years of experience and a distribution network throughout Europe, Polyfaser is one of the leading European companies in the sector. For this reason we developed and designed two comprehensive brochures: one for the pools and another for pool cover systems.

The client was very clear about the objective of the brochures: "When flicking through the brochure, the reader must want to own a Polyfaser swimming pool, and, hopefully, a pool cover as well." So the challenge was to develop an idea that not only targeted the end consumer, but also architects and planners. In other words, create a single brochure that appealed to all the target groups. To do this we included both attractive large format photographs of the various models and all the necessary technical specifications.

Also, the finish of the brochure had to have a fresh and modern appeal: the natural paper used has a matt surface, while Polyfaser’s brand name was given added emphasis by the gloss varnish accents.

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