The ultimate taste, creatively presented – packaging, catalogues and exhibition booth


A new packaging design for the Reifer Gourmet selection of high-quality salami and cold meats made from game

Since 1945, Pramstrahler has stood for outstanding meat and sausage products. Traditional and manual processes combined with cutting-edge technology and production, using the old, tried-and-tested family recipes, ensure the unique taste of the products of the Pramstrahler brand that are sold under the name “Reifer Gourmet”. High-quality salami with at least 60% of deer, stag or wild boar meat are some of the most particular quality products in this range, created especially for specialist food stores. To give these specialities the presentation they deserve in the stores, we have created a totally individual packaging concept.

Reifer Gourmet packaging design foil embossing

A minimalist, simple design that is at the same time clear and stylish makes it easy to distinguish between the many typical sausage specialities of South Tyrol in the extensive range. The deep black, matt paper used throughout is very sophisticated and used in combination with three traditional printing finishes (foil embossing, screen printing and spot varnish), to give this packaging extra elegance. The appeal of this innovative packaging concept lies in its visual product differentiation and in its texture, thanks to the exclusive materials and finishes.

Pramstrahler & Reifer Gourmet image product catalogues

We are hugely proud of these two “printed delicacies”

With the product catalogues for Pramstrahler and Reifer Gourmet, the entire product range has been given an attractive presentation. Both brochures also convey the brand values. They are an image catalogue and product information leaflet in one. The Pramstrahler catalogue, for example, beside an introduction to the history and philosophy of the company, contains all the product groups, which are clearly articulated and presented in an appetising way. Informative texts in German, Italian and English underline the growth of the company, also on an international scale. The special materials and refinements also give the catalogue a distinguished appearance. The cover page is embellished with the company slogan and has an embossed frame, while the soft white paper enables a brilliant colour reproduction of the images.

Reifer Gourmet image product catalogue

When a brand like Reifer Gourmet targets the specialised food trade with its top-quality products, this needs to be adequately reflected also visually. For this reason, we have used the same high standard of the packaging design also for the product catalogue. Deep black, fine paper, with white silk screen printing, silver offset printing and gold foil embossing, immediately indicate the class of products being dealt with - and that the products are of an exceptional quality in every aspect. The high-quality appeal continues in the inside of the catalogue, which is likewise in three languages.

Pramstrahler & Reifer Gourmet exhibition booth

Eye-catching exhibition booth: Pramstrahler and Reifer Gourmet at Tuttofood 2017

As an emerging company that also has its eye on the international markets, for the first time, Pramstrahler had its own booth at the show dedicated to food & beverage, Tuttofood. We are delighted that the company has also placed its trust in us for all the publicity and communications relating to its presence at the trade show: From the packaging to the image product catalogues, and also the design of its booth space, all ideas emerged from the Werbecompany think tank.

We would like to thank Pramstrahler for the trusting cooperation that we all have thoroughly enjoyed – the creative challenge, together with plenty of freedom for innovative solutions, is always something really special for our entire team.

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