Spotlight on customer orientation


Proven strategy with a fresh design: Campaign 2.0

Until now, the image campaign of Raiffeisen Meran focused on people: Pictures of employees convey the idea that the bank is easy to reach, safe and close to the customer – in this era of increasing digitalisation and globalisation, this is an increasingly important aspect for many people. The task was now to take this successful strategy to the next level, and put the focus on communication with a new imagery and an open, customer-oriented approach.

Image campaign Raiffeisen Meran

A powerful symbolic colour scheme

Under the main topics so far, which focus on “Security”, “Local economy” and “Service”, the first thing to catch the eye is the transparent, yellow-green strip, which is placed above the new images of the respective employee. The colour gradient symbolises the fact that Raiffeisen Meran is part of the Raiffeisenverband [German Raiffeisen Association], in its traditional green colour, as well bank’s independence, with its distinctive shade of yellow.

Image campaign Raiffeisen Meran

One-to-one communication

In contrast to online banks, which many people consider to be impersonal, the campaign underlines the direct communication between people, which it conveys with headlines such as ”We trust each other because we know each other”. In addition to big prints and city-light posters at bus stops, the campaign envisages banners on city buses (including digital banners on screens inside the buses) and classic printed ads in local newspapers and magazines. We wish to thank Raiffeisen Meran sincerely for the pleasant and constructive collaboration!

Image campaign Raiffeisen Meran References Raiffeisen Meran