100 years of “Meran im Herzen” (Merano in our hearts)


Anniversary campaign 100 years of Raiffeisen Merano

Since its foundation in 1922, the cooperative bank Raiffeisen Merano has been firmly rooted in the Merano region. The bank’s history, corporate values and commitment are being honoured with a concise campaign to celebrate its 100th anniversary. This two-phase campaign will strengthen the brand and position the Raiffeisen Merano as a renowned, future-oriented, local company.

Campaign website for 100 years Raiffeisen Merano

From Merano – for Merano

Under the motto “Meran im Herzen”, in the first campaign phase we have visualised the closeness to the people and the city and the values that Raiffeisen Merano creates for the citizens. Posters, advertisements, façade decorations and folders show the sculpture of a woman above the entrance to the headquarters. The combination of numbers 1922 and 2022 was typographically combined to form a heart in order to support the message “Meran im Herzen”

Invitation folder with a save-the-date insert

Cheers! Let’s toast to a hundred years.

The highlight this year is the anniversary gala at the Merano Kurhaus. Members and selected guests of honour of the Bank of Merano have received an invitation to the celebration with an exclusive personal invitation folder including a save-the-date insert. To provide further information, we have also set up a campaign website. At you will not only encounter the above-mentioned sculpture of a lady, but also citizens of Merano, who are the focus of the second phase of the campaign...

Citylight Poster Meran im Herzen - Merano in our hearts References Raiffeisen Merano

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