Raiffeisen Merano: the people, their bank and their stories


Anniversary campaign 100 years, the second one

As a cooperative bank, Raiffeisen Merano does not only live for the people, but also with them and their enthusiasm. After focusing on its deep ties to the Merano region and its people in the first part of the anniversary campaign under the motto "Meran im Herzen" (Merano in our hearts), in the second phase we take a closer look: Who are the people who have helped shape the history of Raiffeisen Merano?

City Poster for anniversary campaign of Raiffeisen Merano

Focus on people

This means everyone who relies on the various products and services of Raiffeisen Merano to shape their individual lives. “Your story is ours” is the claim with which we focus on people and their stories. With large-scale portrait photos of employees, real people were already the focus in previous campaigns. Now it is customers, members and partners who tell their story - whether as a private person or as a representative of an association.

Citylight Poster for anniversary campaign of Raiffeisen Merano

From posters to cinemas to the web

Their photos can be seen on the poster campaign in Merano, complemented by advertisements in local media. For cinema advertising at the Algo Cineplexx in Lagundo and for banners on the online news portal Stol, we present these people in short teaser videos. You can see their complete stories, their very personal connection to Raiffeisen Merano and how it has supported their private and professional dreams on the campaign website at, where you can also find more information about the anniversary and the history of the bank.

Anniversary campaign with own website for Raiffeisen Merano

Raiffeisen Merano in the social media

The anniversary campaign also marks the start of the bank's presence in social media. In the future, all news and information about the Merano bank and its activities will be available on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Raiffeisen Merano on Social Media References Raiffeisen Merano

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