Tradition: a factor of success.


The current annual report for the Raiffeisenkasse Meran is the new highlight of our partnership.

The bank and the Werbecompany Meran have been partners for a great number of years. We manage the brand identity of the bank with enthusiasm and a wealth of ideas, and are responsible for the development and design of all its communication material. This mutual trust did not come about automatically, however: we share the philosophy of the bank itself, that has always been closely connected with the local economy, to have a pragmatic approach and keep our roots ingrained in the area.

The current annual report is the latest result of this successful and creative partnership, and was recently presented at the annual plenary meeting. In addition to the requirements of a purely practical nature for an easy-to-read, informative layout, the bank also wanted an appealing design. Our designers thus teamed up to develop an appropriate image concept in which the statues and sculptures known as the "Merano beauties" were used as the main visual theme, symbolising the close connection between the bank and the city.

The annual report is characterised by an elegant magazine style, an original format and a modern, natural-looking paper. The final touch was provided by the use of Pantone silver as a fifth colour to further enhance the overall appearance of the report, making it look more like a high-class brochure than a mass of austere business figures.

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