By our customer's side - Raiffeisenkasse Meran.


"Perspectives" campaign for the Merano bank

For many years, Werbecompany Meran has been managing the entire market presence and all the communication activities of this local banking institute. It all started with the brand design: Raiffeisenkasse Meran wanted to convey an independent image, without distancing itself too much from the corporate image of its parent group, "Raiffeisenverband".

The latest campaign satisfies all the communication needs of a modern bank. True to the name of the campaign, "Perspectives", the visuals used consisted of some interesting, black and white aerial views of the city of Merano. Specific images were also developed on the theme of Merano bank loans, members and sports and cultural sponsorship.

The unifying colour for the campaign was yellow , representing the strong, independent nature of the Merano bank compared to the other banks in the 'Raiffeisenkassen’ group. The result: a strong, easy-to-understand and unmistakable message with a high level of visibility.

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