Rebranding BSV and Designline07


Strong brands in a new design

For many years BSV has specialised in innovative solutions in the fields of windows, façades, doors and sun shading. During this time, it has successfully completed numerous building projects in close cooperation with architects and project planners. With the current rebranding, the image of BSV has been carefully upgraded, using a new, fresh red colour, which gives the brand a modern and dynamic look without losing its recognisability and traditional roots. The range of products Designline07 also has a striking new look, which is minimalist and simple in keeping with the core concept of the brand.

New BSV website: windows, doors, façades and sun shading and sun

Addressing target groups on the web

As part of the rebranding, BSV now also has new websites. The website focuses on the presentation of the company's products, façades, doors and sun protection, as well as the services it offers. Here, potential customers can find all the information they need, plus regularly updated references from a wide range of projects to give them a first impression. At, the philosophy of Designline07 is "Minimal design. Maximum view.”, which characterises the design of the new website. Clear, minimalist elements and an extensive collection of reference projects are aimed at architects in particular.

Nuovo sito web per Designline07: Design minimal. Visione massima.

BSV goes Social Media

To coincide with the new look, the social media channels of BSV and Designline07 are also being launched. On Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, all interested parties can find information about the company, new projects and insights from the construction sites - it's worth following! The design creates strong accents on printed matter and the design of the company's vehicle fleet.

New design for the printed matter of BSV References BSV References Designline07

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