High performance for 130 years


Anniversary campaign for Sala Shoes

Werbecompany Meran and Sala Shoes have successfully collaborated for many years. We are also very proud to announce we were given the opportunity to design and develop the campaign for the company's 130th anniversary. Thanks to the anniversary promotion, all clients will enjoy a “13,0% discount, for our 130 years”.

City Poster: 130th anniversary of Sala Shoes

Broad range of shoes, broad range of promotional actions.

This is how we are - and this is how we will stay. Guided by this motto, the fun and colourful campaign for the Sala Shoes anniversary presents all the vastness of the range. Shoes that are young, trendy, elegant, active, or for cool kids’: Sala Shoes always has the perfect pair. The shoe range is presented in the form of ads in the Dolomiten newspaper and other local publications, posters, and videos on, Facebook and Instagram.

Colourful City Posters for 130 years Sala Shoes

Schuhhaus Sala becomes Sala Shoes

Moreover, on occasion of the anniversary, the company image has been updated, starting with the name: Schuhhaus Sala has in fact become Sala Shoes. The new logo is simple and elegant with the wording “Since 1892”, combining a traditional and modern feel. The new company image is reflected in the one-page site containing an overview of the most important information, in the new look of the façade, and in the business cards.

New look for Sala Shoes and new website References Sala Shoes

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