New Corporate Design for Stelvio National Park


The brand of a natural paradise

For centuries, the Stelvio National Park with its natural habits, cultural landscapes and idyllic mountain villages, has been a main attraction for visitors from all parts of the world. Its main tasks include the care and maintenance of the ecological balance and the promotion of a sustainable tourism. The clear visibility of the Stelvio National Park as a brand as well as the stringent, standardised communication of all its facilities formed the backdrop on which we defined a new corporate design and brand image for the many facets of the national park.

New corporate design

Consistent communication at all levels

The very core and most essential element of all communication is the umbrella brand, that was kept in its original form and incorporates all elements. In the detailed CD manual created by our company, its shape and areas of use are precisely stated and must be strictly observed. The umbrella brand sits at the very top of the brand hierarchy we have developed, which defines the communication strategy on all levels - from the national park as a whole to its individual facilities. We have designed a totally new concept of printed matter to support the corporate design, with new shapes, materials, colours, fonts and images, brochures, posters and information boards. In addition, we have also developed pictograms that offer a quick guide on all levels of communication. The CD manual, which contains over 100 pages, also defines the CO branding with the new badge of South Tyrol.

Detailed CD manual

A delightful, easy-to-understand information brochure

The first printed item developed by our design team, with the new corporate design, was the image and information brochure of the Stelvio National Park. Although originally intended to provide information about events only, due to the new positioning and the complexity of the topic, it was then expanded to form a comprehensive, clearly structured information brochure that conveys the objectives of the national park within the meaning of the brand.

Image and information brochure of the Stelvio National Park

Naturally, it also contains a clear overview of all the events in the national park lined up for summer 2019 and winter 2019/20. The brochure is available in German, Italian and English and is an important marketing contribution for the holiday region of South Tyrol in general. We wish to thank the office of the Stelvio National Park as well as IDM Südtirol – Alto Adige for their great cooperation.

A delightful, easy-to-understand information brochure References Stelvio National Park