Real people, real values, one bank


The new Raiffeisenkasse Meran advertising campaign places people at the centre, demonstrating that banks may have another side yet.

We are always happy when a rewarding, long-term collaboration takes a positive new turn. Just like the one with Raiffeisenkasse Meran. Our collaboration began in 2007 with the revamping of their corporate design. This year will see the launch of a promising advertising campaign, developed through an intense cooperation.

Individuals and "Us" have always been at the core of the Raiffeisenkasse Meran approach to business, so we thought it would be a good idea to highlight this aspect. However, we didn't want to do this just somehow, but we wanted to place the people that normally work behind the scenes, on centre stage. That's why we photographed six collaborators of the Raiffeisenkasse Meran and prepared advertisements covering the themes image, the local economy and safety.

Through a direct comparison with our competitors, combined with suggestive photographic material, we were able to perfectly highlight the added value offered by the Raiffeisenkasse Meran. In this context, “Us“ assumes a truly important meaning, given that it unites bank collaborators and clients, creating a direct link with the customers of the Meraner Bank. The German advertisements in the local press were accompanied by backlit billboards in German and Italian. The leaflet distributed as an insert in the Dolomiten newspaper, together with roll-up banners in all branches of the Meraner Bank, represented the perfect touch to the campaign.

To see more examples of what we've done for the Raiffeisenkasse Meran, click on the link below.

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