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Annual White Cross subscription 2024

The motto of the 2024 membership campaign is “Warum? Darum!” (Why? Because!). This campaign claim sums up the core mission of the White Cross: a commitment to the safety of people who are ill or injured and their families. It focuses on the touching moment of reunion with a partner, family and friends – in other words, a happy ending.

White Cross Membership Campaign 2024

At the same time, the regional rescue organisation White Cross does not pursue an economic interest in its activities, but rather a love of people, enthusiasm and passion for helping others. Our message “Warum? Darum!” motivates people to become members in an emotional way. In other words, it gives an indication of the driving force and the underlying goal. It is accompanied by an emotional, interpersonal image that effectively emphasises this message.

Become part of a community that counts

Become part of a community that is committed to ensuring your own and ours safety. The 2024 membership of the White Cross not only offers individual benefits for you, but also strengthens solidarity in our community. Find out more here and join us:

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