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    Good brands are
recognisable, if...
they can be recognised.

From creative logo design to a coherent market presence

How does a brand evolve? Very often a brand has already been on the market for a while by the time it is recognised, and yet its image and appearance do not necessarily meet the demands of a tough market. At our agency, we analyse all information relative to the current market situation and develop a new market-driven brand design – sometimes a simple “face-lift” is enough, on other occasions a complete redesign is needed. Furthermore, when it comes to the development and implementation of entirely new logos, our clients benefit from our long-term experience in a variety of different sectors. Based on a careful analysis of the market, target group and competition, we develop a sound design concept. Creative logo design is only one aspect of branding. How is the character of a brand developed? How is it perceived by the public? How does it reach the target group? Just as important is knowledge about how to deal with a brand and consistently promote it – a skill that we have developed through our long-term collaborations with well-known companies. Our list of references includes numerous famous brands from completely different sectors, where we have played an active role in their success.

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