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Successful marketing requires professional advertising campaigns that surpass the competition. With advertising, this is easier. More effective. More convincing. But it takes more than a few quick ideas. Prior to the idea’s creative implementation we need to perform a thorough analysis of the market and target group, if necessary in collaboration with our international partners. Based on this analysis, we then develop complex strategies for cross-media campaigns that include the web, as well as traditional print advertising. As an agency with an in-house recording studio, we also have extensive experience and the right skills to develop successful radio advertisements. Our far reaching campaign for the use of recyclable glass bottles is a perfect example of an ideal cross-media link: All media from drive to web is linked with the statement “Take a look at what she is capable of:”, and thus leads the audience to the cornerstone of the campaign, the website. With a strong logo, catchy slogan and clear, unambiguous word-picture language, this awareness raising campaign informs consumers about the use of environmentally friendly beverage packaging, presenting strong arguments in a simple, yet memorable way.

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