Corporate Design Werbecompany Meran

   A brand is the
product's soul, its
corporate design is its

Perfect from A to Z, with a consistent image.

How do we position a brand on the market? Do customers recognise it straight away? A good corporate design supports the corporate identity of a company, developing its strength on the basis of a perfect and harmonious design, taking into account the slogan, logo and all creative elements. As corporate design specialists, we consistently look after internal and external communication, with a coherent theme that runs through all promotional activities – print, web, letters, facade design, exhibition stand design, lettering on vehicle fleets, work clothing and much more. As with brand development, a careful analysis of the overall market situation then follows. Because the most beautiful corporate design will be of no avail if it doesn’t coincide with time criteria or fails to appeal to the target group – or if it simply goes unnoticed. A good example is the driving school Klaro: by looking at the name alone, most people wouldn’t know what it stands for. But if we were to say “They have those orange-white cars!”, then everyone would know who we are talking about. This is a good example of a successful communication strategy, which through its slogan “Have a good trip, the smart way”, transmits a young, dynamic image of this driving school.

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