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Marketing a new, unknown product presents a particular challenge. The company Alta Selva is one of the first in Europe to obtain permission to market Sacha Inchi oil on the European market. Pressed from the Peruvian Sacha Inchi nut, this noble oil is believed to have health-promoting and healing powers. When designing and creating the market image, for which the Werbecompany Meran is fully responsible, it strived above all to highlight the noble, prestigious character of the product. The modern, minimalist layout and the classy photographic images of the Sacha Inchi nut ensure a high level of brand awareness. The wrap-around label is particularly unusual and conveys another important advantage of the product: with a high percentage of unsaturated fatty acids such as omega 3, Sacha Inchi oil meets the latest nutrition recommendations and is a valuable ingredient in healthy, light cuisine. The specially developed carton can be readily opened and also contains a packaging slip with details for the customers about the origin, benefits and all other important information about the product and Alta Selva.

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